KAF doubts Miss Oh's Kangchenjunga Ascent
Friday, 27 August 2010 11:18

The question about who is the first lady climber, who ascended all 14 Main-8000ers is still not answered completely! Even the Korean Alpine Federation (KAF) is doubting the Kangchenjunga ascent of Oh Eun-Sun as well now. Now it needs to wait, until Miss Hawley has spoken with the third Sherpa climber, who was on Kangchenjunga with Miss Oh in spring 2009, Pema Tshering. It's a pity, but one of the two other Sherpa climbers, must have lied, either Dawa Wangchuk, who said, they were on top, or Nurbu, who said, they were only near the Rappel area, which is quite far from the top.


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