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Explanations for the different downloadable tables

Routes tables

Included are only routes that lead to an 8000er Main- or Subpeak! There were several route attempts that led to minor peaks or points and later were finished to an 8000er Main- or Subpeak, so only the later finished routes are listed.

Fatalities tables

Included are only fatalities from, at or above BC or caused from there. Fatalities on approach or return marches are not listed.

Oxygen tables

Included are only climbers who also descended without additional oxygen or sadly died on descent without the use of additional oxygen. Climbers who ascended without it, but needed emergency oxygen on descent, are not listed.

Nations statistical tables of the fourteen 8000ers and their subpeaks

The columns from left to right in a table with all columns used:


A = Nations Rank
B = Nation
C = Ascents = A
D = Repetitions = R
E = Individuals = I
F = date of first national A
G = A/no supp.ox
H = R/no supp.ox.
I = I/no supp.ox
J = date of first nat. asc./ no s.o.
K = A/female
L = R/female
M = I/female
N = date first nat. fem. A
O = female no s.o.
P = female no s.o./R
Q = female no. s.o./I
R = date first female no s.o.
S = fatalities
T = fatalities/female
bold = fatality on 1st


left to right:

Name (YK = Yalung Kang, KC = Kangch. Central, KS = Kangch. South, LS = Lhotse Shar, LC = Lhotse Central, AC = Annapurna I Central, AE = Annapurna I East and BC = Broad Central)
Nations Rank
Ascents = A
Repetitions = R
Individuals = I
Date of first national A
no suppl. ox
date of first nat. suppl. ox
first female ascent
date of first female ascent
(first female no suppl. ox)
(date first fem. no suppl. ox)

Downloadable 8000ers tables from eleven mountains (Manaslu, Gasherbrum I and Shisha Pangma need longer, because of some more confirming work!) are as complete as possible to the end of 2008. Exceptions are some collectors' tables, that are already updated during the current season.

Please note, that sometimes unintentional errors are possible. Because there are always recheckings, there will be corrections, if necessary. So please watch the download tables' posting dates from time to time and download the most recent versions again!