Born on this day

1967 Dirga Sing Tamang, Nepalese climber, who ascended Cho Oyu in 2007 and Manaslu RP in 2011.

First ascent on this day

1984 Possibly (still not confirmed!) one of the two peaks of the Simvo Massif, East-Peak (6671 m) or Central-Peak (6811 m), by an Indian party. The Main-Peak (6812 m) is for sure still unclimbed.

Gone on this day

1987 Herbert Tichy, Austrian pioneer, who, with Josef Jöchler and Pasang Dawa Lama, made the first ascent of Cho Oyu in 1954, died, aged 75.

First ascents on this day

2012 "Gyao Kang" (6718 m) by a French party.

Gerlinde on Top of K2
Tuesday, 23 August 2011 12:45

Finally she made it! At 18h18 local time Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner finished the 14 8000ers! She is now the first lady climber with all 14 8000ers without the use of bottled oxygen. Also Vassili Pivtsov and Maksut Zhumayev are not far from finishing the 14 8000ers with her! Darek Załuski from Poland is also on his way to the top.

Update: All four climbers were on top and are now on descent. They hope to reach Camp IV.

Keep the fingers crossed for a safe return.

Update: All are safe back in BC and soon on their way home.

Report (in German)

The All 14 table is already updated.

Table download

The updated "Female 3 to 14" Table:


Older and Newer Summit Additions
Thursday, 04 August 2011 20:28

Today five Iranians summited Gasherbrum I, Azim Gheychi Saz (now 7 Main-8000ers) and Mahmoud Hashemi (5) at 10:55 local time, Iraj Maani (3) and Husain Moqadam (3) at 12:00 and Koorosh Negahban at 13:10.

On July 22 two more ascents were achieved on Gasherbrum II, French father and son Pascal and Robin de Thiersant! Grandfather Erige climbed to about 7500 m and then needed to turn around.

Report (French)

Draft Summary
Wednesday, 03 August 2011 13:41

Before K2 will be in the focus soon, here is a draft table of the Karakoram-8000ers ascents
so far this season.

If somebody is missing from this table, please inform.

GASHERBRUM I 13. 07. GÖSCHL Gerfried A   7  
      UNTERBERGER Günther A   2  
      WENZL Hans A   3  
      ZECHMANN Stephan A      
      MADARIAGA Juan Ramón (Juanra) E   5  
      TAMAYO José Carlos E   5  
      TXIKON Jon Alexander (Alex) E   8  
      PANZERI Mario ITA   13  
      HASSAN PAK      
      ALLEN Richard (Rick) UK   4  
BROAD PEAK 22. 07. ARIAS Xavier (Xavi) E   5  
      AYMAR Xavier (Xavi) E   4  
      BOLOTOV Aleksei RUS   11  
      GRAZIANI Yannick F   2  
  25. 07. DENIS Sophie F f 4  
      BREDENKAMP Andre Victor SA   2  
      SMETS Wim BEL   3 first Belgian
      STITZINGER Luis GER   5  
      VON MELLE Alix  GER f 5  
GASHERBRUM II 14. 07. HARRER Otto A   2  
      LEITNER Hubert A   2  
      RUMPL Anton (Toni) A      
      CORONA Giampaolo ITA   3  
      SCHIJLEN Elias (Elio) NL      
  22. 07. LEITNER Karl A   2  
      WENZL Hans A   4  
      ZECHMANN Stephan A   2  
      DUBE-FAHMY Justin CAN     first Canadians
      ROUSSEAU Louis CAN   3 first Canadians
      IMSTEPF Willi CH      
      VOLKEN Kilian CH   4  
      PAUNER Carlos, Juan E   12  
      TXIKON Jon Alexander (Alex) E   9  
      QUINTERO Santiago ECU   3  
      LINZ Norbert GER      
      ESFANDIARY Leila IRN f 2 first Iranian female, died on descent!
      GHEYCHI SAZ Azim IRN   6  
      HASHEMI Mahmoud IRN   4  
      MOQADAM Husain IRN   2  
      SENTIERI Samuele ITA      
      SILVETTI Fabrizio ITA      
      ABBAS PAK      
      ALI SHER Nisar Hussain PAK      
      KAZIM PAK      
      DZIK Aleksandra (Ola) POL f
TELER Jacek POL   2  
      KHITRIKOVA Maria (Masha) UKR f first Ukrainian female!
More Gasherbrum II Summits Today
Friday, 22 July 2011 12:03

Alex Txikon ascended Gasherbrum II today, only nine days after he summited Gasherbrum I. It was his ninth Main-8000er! Also Louis Rousseau summited with him (3rd 8000er)!

Report (in Spanish)

Additional Gasherbrum I plus Gasherbrum II Summits
Friday, 15 July 2011 12:55

On July 13th five more climbers ascended Gasherbrum I! They were Juanra Madariaga (Spain, 5th Main-8000er), Günther Unterberger (Austria, 2nd), Stephan Zechmann (Austria, 1st), Alex Txikon (Spain, 8th), Rick Allen (UK, 4th) and Mario Panzeri (13th!!).

On July 14th there were five climbers reported on top of Gasherbrum II:

Dutch climber Elio Schiljen, the three Austrian climbers Otto Harrer (2nd), Hubert Leitner (2nd) and Toni Rumpl and Italian climber Giampaolo Corona (3rd)!

Report (in German)

Report (in Italian)

Report (in Italian)

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