28 July

Born on this day

1906 Hermann Schaller, German pioneer, who died on Kangchenjunga's NE-Spur in 1931, aged 25.
1930 Josef (Sepp) Larch, Austrian pioneer (born in South Tyrol, Italy), who achieved the first ascent of Gasherbrum II in 1956 together with Fritz Moravec. He died in 2011, aged 81.
1935 Wolfgang Axt, Austrian climber, who made the first ascent of Ghent I (7401 m) in 1961, Ghent II (7342 m) in 1977 and Nyainqentanglha II (7117 m) in 1989 exactly on his 54th birthday. He also ascended Lhotse in 1979.
1943 Helmuth Bauer, German climber, who ascended Cho Oyu in 1991.
1951 Ewa Panejko-Pankiewicz, Polish lady climber, who ascended Gasherbrum I in 1990 and Shisha Pangma Central-Peak in 1994.
1953 Aleš Cvahte, Slovenian climber, who ascended Cho Oyu in 1992.
1953 Ramón Biosca, Spanish Catalan climber, who ascended Disteghil Sar in 1982. He died in 1984, aged 30.
1955 Kim Hwan-Koo, Korean climber, who ascended Everest in 2000.
1960 Peter Kalteis, Austrian climber, who ascended Gasherbrum II in 2006.
1961 Scott Edward Parazynski, American climber and astronaut, who ascended Everest in 2009.
1968 Tseveendash Bazarkhand, Mongolian climber, who ascended Everest in 2012.
1972 Lhakpa I, Nepalese Sherpa climber, who ascended Everest twice (2003 and 2006) and Cho Oyu in 2004.
1972 Phurba III, Nepalese Sherpa climber, who ascended Everest in 2013.
1974 Takeshi Kodama, Japanese climber, who ascended Everest in 2005.
1978 Samuli (Sam) Mansikka, Finnish climber, who ascended Cho Oyu twice (2006 and 2008), Lhotse in 2008, Everest and Manaslu in 2009, Gasherbrum II in 2010, Dhaulagiri I in 2011, Makalu in 2013, Kangchenjunga and K2 in 2014 and Annapurna I in 2015, where he died on descent, aged 36.
1980 Leo Houlding, British climber, who ascended Everest in 2007.
1983 Kyle Emerson Martin, American climber, who ascended Everest in 2013.

First ascents on this day

1874 Elbrus West-(Main-)Peak (5642 m) by a British party with a Swiss guide.
1954 Huandoy Oeste (6342 m) by an American party.
1975 Broad Peak Central (aka Zhongyang, 8011 m) by a Polish party.
1976 Apsarasas Kangri I SW-Peak (7117 m) by a Japanese party.
1981 Siguniang (6250 m) by another Japanese party.
1983 Yazghil Dome North East (7324 m) by an Italian party.
1984 Bojohaghur Duan Asir (7329 m) by a Japanese party.
1988 Rimo Kangri I (7385 m) by an Indo-Japanese party.
1989 Nyainqentanglha II (7117 m) by an Austrian party (see above).

Gone on this day

1975 Bohdan Nowaczyk, Polish pioneer, who participated in the first ascent of Broad Peak Central (Zhongyang, 8011 m) and died on descent, aged 28.
1989 Hans Bärnthaler, Austrian climber, who ascended Shisha Pangma and Cho Oyu in 1988, died near K2, aged 35.
2000 Félix Iñurrategi, Spanish Basque climber, who ascended Makalu in 1991, Everest in 1992, K2 in 1994, Cho Oyu and Lhotse in 1995, Kangchenjunga and Shisha Pangma in 1996, Broad Peak in 1997, Dhaulagiri I in 1998, Nanga Parbat in 1999 and Manaslu and Gasherbrum II in 2000, all accompanied by his brother Alberto. He died on descent of the latter, aged 33.