Shisha Pangma, 26th April 2023
Sunday, 30 April 2023 12:20

It was a historical day for the mountaineers and mountain lovers, who care about true summits, but had a bitter sweet note besides. It could have been a nice competion between Naoko Watanabe from Japan and Dong Hong-Juan from China, but for some reasons Naoko could not manage to receive permit. Now Dong Hong-Juan is the first woman to have ascended all true summits of the 14 8000ers.

Anyway, Naoko Watanabe was the woman who finished the true summits for Japan as the first nation to do so when she ascended the true summit of Dhaulagiri I in 2021.

With the ascents of Kristin Harila and Dong Hong-Juan the female climbers finished the 14 for their nations as well.

If Harila also ascend Cho Oyu soon, she will be the second woman to ascend the 14 true summits and the fastest person to do so as well. Sophie Lavaud might also finish in summer with Nanga Parbat.

All relevant tables are updated.

female, nations female, total table