Everest News and Tables Updated to 2010
Friday, 06 May 2011 16:48

Nine climbers summited Everest yesterday! This means, that the South Col-Route has 3000 ascents now, a new incredible record!


Among them was Sherpa climber Phurba Tashi, who now ascended Everest for the 18th time and, as he also ascended Cho Oyu five times and Manaslu once, he equals the record for climbing 8000ers from Juanito Oiarzabal with 24 ascents!


To date 70 ascents were done on a May 5th in climbing history! It was the fifth time in history and the third time in a row the first ascent day of the season!

Back in 1988 it was the first time with 12 ascents, in 1999 the second time with 20 ascents, which is still the first season ascent day record, in 2009 with 7, last year with 10 and yesterday with 9.

Check all ascents on Everest by day updated to the end of 2010 here!

Also note, that the record day is now May 23rd, 2010 with 169 ascents on a single day! 121 were from the South Col and this is a record by route as well!

The new Everest without bottled oxygen table is also uploaded here!

Note that the first time a climber ascended Everest without additional oxygen twice in a season was back in 1999, when the late Sherpa climber Babu Chiri summited Everest within 20 days twice! It was only repeated by another Sherpa climber in 2007, when Pemba Dorje II ascended Everest twice without it within 7 days! And last year it was repeated by three Sherpa climbers, who ascended Everest twice within 19 days, both times without the bottles, Chuwang Nima, Kami Rita (Topke) and Phura Kancha.

Other Everest tables are also updated to the end of 2010, the nations table, the routes table, the fatalities table and the all ascents table.

Much more on Everest ascents and attempts with all details about the expeditions you can find in the phantastic Himalayan Database. Please check, where and how you can order it here!