Short 2010 Chronicles
Saturday, 30 April 2011 12:00

Part 1)

a) new Nations/Tribes (overall)

April 26th: Iran on Dhaulagiri I
April 27th: Romania on Annapurna I
May 17th: Malta on Everest
May 23rd: Montenegro, Bangladesh and Oman on Everest
May 23rd: The first Nepalese climber from the Jirel tribe on Everest
May 25th: Netherlands, Turkey and Greece on Makalu
July 17th: South Africa on Broad Peak
July 19th: Colombia on Gasherbrum I (not confirmed!)
September 30th: Sweden on Manaslu

b) new Nations - Lady climbers

April 17th: Spain on Annapurna I
May 17th: Spain on Shisha Pangma
May 17th: Finland on Everest
May 23rd: France and Switzerland on Makalu
May 23rd: Austria and Guatemala on Everest
May 23rd: Canada on Lhotse
May 24th: Austria on Everest without additional oxygen
August 5th: USA on Gasherbrum I
October 1st: Germany and Mexico on Manaslu

Part 2)


January 22nd: Luca Vuerich (34, Italy) - Avalanche in the Slovenian Alps, died in hospital in Udine.
January 29th: Mikael Reuterswärd (45, Sweden) - Found dead at his home.
April 2nd: Farshad Khalili (46, Iran) - Avalanche Mid-Alborz.
April 23rd: Yun Chi-Won (39, South Korea) - on Manaslu
April 26th: László Várkonyi (53, Hungary) - on Everest
April 28th: Bartolomé (Tolo) Calafat (39, Spain) - on Annapurna I
May 7th: Sergei Duganov (43, Russia) - on Lhotse
May 15th: Han Xin (40, China) - on Dhaulagiri I
May 25th: Hiroshi Ogasawara (62, Japan) - on Everest
May 26th: Peter Kinloch (28, UK) - on Everest
May 28th: Zaharias (Haris) Kiriakakis (44, Greece) - on Makalu
May 29th: Peter Ressmann (44, Austria) - Fall in the Austrian Alps
August 6th: Fredrik (Frippe) Ericsson (35, Sweden) - on K2
September 28th: Osamu Tanabe (49, Japan) - on Dhaulagiri I
September 28th: Toshio Yamamoto (36, Japan) - on Dhaulagiri I
September 28th: Pasang Gelu I (46, Nepal) - on Dhaulagiri I
October 3rd: Walter Nones (39, Italy) - on Cho Oyu
October 23rd: Chuwang Nima aka Chhewang Nima (43, Nepal) - Avalanche on Baruntse

Special note:

May 23rd: 169 ascents on one day on Everest, which is by far a new world record!