K2 ascent: Official Statement from Christian Stangl
Tuesday, 31 August 2010 14:44

"Since I have got several blackmails und threats from some people of the Climbers community I hereby state, that I am not willing to discuss and much less defend summiting K2.

Furthermore, for me it is of no importance to be on any of the ?summiters? lists. Just want to remind that webplatforms are not considered being in court. If climbing 8000+peaks (and only there) includes experiencing all the bad rumours and threats I had to endure since summiting K2 I don't want to be a member of this "climbing community" any more. I know very well who started spreading the rumors/story - I just refer to the book of Michael Kodas "High Crime".

I am not climbing for anybody else but me!

Best regards,

Christian Stangl"

Comment from the Editor:

Christian Stangl attempts to be the first on a new climbing list, the so called "Second Seven Summits", which includes K2, so he should like to clear all the doubts for himself as well. Let's hope, that he changes his mind.