Summary 2009 - Part 6 - Completions
Saturday, 02 January 2010 16:53

The year 2009 was a year of many completions, as there were four climbers, who finished the fourteen Main-8000ers (Denis Urubko, Ralf Dujmovits, Veikka Gustafsson and Andrew Lock) and also three nations (Australia, Portugal and Finland). Apart from these national completions, also the first two nations finished with lady climbers, on May 18th Poland (Kinga Baranowska on Kangchenjunga, the first report about it here!) and on July 10th South Korea (Oh Eun-Sun on Nanga Parbat). Four other countries have twelve Main-8000ers so far, Spain (Annapurna I and Shisha Pangma left), Japan (Kangchenjunga and Annapurna I), Italy (Kangchenjunga and Annapurna I) and Austria (Everest and K2).

In addition also the Sherpa climbers finished finally the fourteen with Nanga Parbat last summer (Dawa Wangchuk). The only other Nepalese, who was on top of Nanga Parbat before, was a Tamang. Three other Nepalese tribes are on their way to collect all 8000ers as well, the Tamang have nine Main-8000ers plus Yalung Kang and Shisha Pangma Central-Peak, the Gurung have nine plus Shisha Pangma Central-Peak and the Bhutia (or Bhotia) have eight Main 8000ers.