Summary 2009 - Part 1 - Everest and Collectors
Monday, 28 December 2009 14:42

It was difficult this year to compile the chronicles. Some false information was around on the net, but it was sorted out finally. The countings of the ascents of Everest are not finished yet, there were over 450! The fatalities table and the table with ascents without bottled oxygen (addition: Ludovic Challeat!) are updated already. The others will follow as soon as possible!


The collectors tables are updated and expanded. All climbers with five or more Main-8000ers are posted and all female with three and more! In addition the table with climbers with 65 years of age and older is also updated.

Here are two ascents of Everest, that were not reported here earlier: The first climber from San Marino (Roberto Pazzaglia, May 18th) and the first woman from the Nepalese Limbu tribe (Junita Sambahangphe, May 19th) summited.

Some information about Sherpa namings: Xabier Eguzkitza, the famous Basque chronicler, began to name them with roman letters to avoid confusion. So, if the first Sherpa with the same name as another one, summited Everest, the first one was marked with "I", the second one was then named "II". All Sherpas with same names, who summited other 8000ers, but not Everest, are now marked with "a", "b" and so on.

Much more details and many more updated tables will follow soon!