Beka Brakai Chhok and Simone Moro - Part II
Tuesday, 11 August 2009 16:12



Because it is common to include all published survey map heights on sketch maps, Wala gave the height of BBC C as 6882m (6700m). As the DAV had a figure of 6760m for BBC S, Wala simply added an extra 60m to the Chinese height of 6,882m to give an altitude of 6,940m for BBC S.

In the book by Wolfgang Heichel (2003), where the maps are also drawn by Wala, the summit altitudes should therefore be: South 6940m (6760m); Central 6882m (6700m); and North East 6845m (6830). However, they are not, and this has resulted in confusion.



On the photos in Heichel's book the annotated heights for the three summits are not consistent, resulting in even more confusion.

In addition, BBC Central is not mentioned in the peak list and BBC South is given 6940m (6882m, the Chinese altitude for BBC C).




Here are the different annotations on the various photos:

Picture 66: BBC NE 6830, BBC Central 6830 as well, BBC South 6940



Picture 67: BBC NE 6845, BBC Central 6830, BBC South 6940


Picture 71: NE 6845, C 6882 (6700) (view from the North side)



Picture 77: BBC (!, South) 6940, Central only 6700 (view from the South side)



Picture 85: BBC Central 6830