8000ers.com SPECIAL: EVEREST Updates
Friday, 13 February 2009 14:03

The all-ascents-to-date table, the nations statistics table, the routes statistics table and the day-by-day table are up to date now!

The all-ascents table includes all names, routes and repetitions. It is just sorted by day, route and alphabet! Nepalese and Indian Sherpa climbers, other Nepalese tribes and Tibetans with the same names are included in the name column and are noted with continuing Roman numbers, as the “Kings and Queens of the Himalaya”!

There were climbers from five new nations on top of Everest: Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Thailand, Algeria and Jordan.

In addition several tribes were new for women: From Spain the first Andalusian, from Nepal the first Brahmin, Newar, Gurung, Chhetri and Danuwar and from India the first Tamang!

All in all there were 422 ascents! There was a new record number on one route. The old record was in 2007, when there were 371 ascents from the North Col route, in 2008 there were 387 ascents from the South Col route.

May 22, 2003 is still the day with the most Everest ascents. Here are the TOP 10 days in history with route information (left to right:day/total ascents/South Col/North Col):

22.05.2003 116/66/50

16.05.2007 112/29/83

22.05.2008 108/108/0

21.05.2007 102/62/40

30.05.2005   91/59/32

21.05.2008   91/91/0

23.05.2001   88/47/41

17.05.2006   86/15/71

16.05.2002   77/59/18

24.05.2008   75/75/0

Separated by route, the old record day was May 16, 2007 with 83 from the North col route. On May 22, 2008 there were 108 ascents, all from the South Col route.

The TOP 5 by route is the following (note that three of them were in spring 2008!):

22.05.2008 South Col 108

21.05.2008 South Col   91

16.05.2007 North Col   83

24.05.2008 South Col  75

17.05.2006 North Col   71

More updated tables will follow soon!