340 Everest Summits at least!
Thursday, 29 May 2008 22:07

It seems that the Everest season has finished now, so a preliminary overview will be possible soon.

So far the draft counts are the following day by day:

May 8th19
May 20th2
May 21st71
May 22nd92
May 23rd33
May 24th71
May 25th25
May 26th17
May 27th10

The first Saudi-Arabian, the first Vietnamese, the first Thai, the first Jordanian and the first Algerian summited Everest this season. In addition to the new Nepalese female tribes reported in earlier news also a woman from Sikkim, who belongs to the well known tribe Tamang, summited. Several Nepalese male Tamangs summited Everest before, but no woman from this tribe until now, and she is not from Nepal.

Also there was the first mother and daughter team and now there were two men with over 75 years of age on top.

More details will be posted next week!