Indian Lady Climbers, Kangchenjunga Details and Age Record
Sunday, 05 June 2011 21:40

Some remarkable feats were achieved by Indian lady climbers this year on Everest.

The first woman on top the past season was Tine Mena, who summited on May 9th and also was the first woman from the Indian Northeast state Arunachal Pradesh on top of the world!

In pre-monsoon 2010 nine female ascents were done by American lady climbers. This time the record was broken by Indian ladies! One of the also nine female climbers, Anshu Jamsenpa, ascended the mountain twice in the season within nine days, only Nepalese Sherpani Chhurim, who was part of the same expedition achieved the same feat two days earlier! In addition Indian ladies had 10 Everest ascents in May 2011!

Women from three more Indian states ascended Everest this year: Mrs. Premlata Agrawal, the first from Jharkand, was also the oldest Indian woman on top of Everest with the age of 45. The other two Indian states were Rajasthan with Nivedita Chaudhary and Bihar with Nirupama Pandey! Now 14 Indian states had at least one lady climber on top of Everest! Among the other successful Indian women was Sushma Kaushik, who summited with her husband and so they became the first Indian married couple!

The past season there were five new nations on top of Kangchenjunga: Iran (Azim Gheychisaz), Turkey (Tunç Findik), Ireland (Anselm Murphy), Azerbaijan (Israfil Ashurly) and Serbia (Dragan Čeliković)! Also the first lady climber from the Spanish province Asturias summited, Rosa Fernández! In addition the first two non-Tibetan Chinese climbers were on top of Kangchenjunga: Rao Jian-Feng from Guandong and Yang Chun-Feng from Xinjiang!

Not to forget the two Indian climbers from West Bengal, who summited Kangchenjunga after their success one year ago on Everest: Basanta Kumar Singha Roy and Debasish Biswas! 

And last but not least again an Indian climber achieved another remarkable record. Arjun Vajpai is not only the youngest climber on Lhotse, but also the youngest climber, who ever ascended both mountains, Everest and Lhotse!